Double A Solutions
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Toledo, OH 43617
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  • Application Development
  • Double A Solutions develops software applications that capture the necessary functions/processes that your business entails. Our group is made up of experienced developers with the skills necessary to meet your technology needs. We work as a team with your company's personnel to make sure that the application is built to meet your specifications. Once the application is in place, we will make sure that it is always maintained. We guarantee availability, security, and performance.
  • Reduce Overhead
  • A properly crafted application can reduce overhead costs by not having the need to hire and maintain internal support resources and eliminate reliance on paperwork or email threads. Our expert team will be responsible for the maintenance revolving around the applications that your staff can focus on other tasks.
  • Increase Performance
  • Depending on the application, effeciency could be gained by any/all levels of the company. This can vary from helping management make more informed decisions to eliminating redundant processes for a data entry employee.
  • System Integration
  • • System Integration
  • • Change Management Effectiveness
  • • Application Bulletproofing
  • Advantages
  • • Helps reduce overhead costs by reducing the need to hire and maintain internal support resources
  • • Avoid recruiting and retention issues
  • • Obtain application expertise and currency on latest releases
  • • Help the internal IT staff focus on key areas

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  • Business Intelligence
  • Double A Solutions provides customers with valuable insight into key operating information to quickly identify business problems and opportunities. We give solutions aimed at collection, consolidation, analysis and providing access to information that allows users across the business make better decisions.
  • Some of the key goals of our BI solutions include:
  • • Make better decisions by turning enterprise data into real information.
  • • Increase efficiencies getting the most out of the data available to your business.
  • • Enable "after the fact" analysis to better understand the output and help organizations learn from experience.
  • • Improve competitiveness by timely, flexible, sophisticated analysis of data.
  • • Provide various matrices to measure, understand and improve the bottom lines.
  • Double A Solutions has considerable expertise in multidimensional databases or OLAP tools, Data warehousing and data mining, and web enabled reporting capabilities. We have expertise in integrating and implementing a whole range of Data Warehousing and BI solutions from leading vendors.
  • • Data warehousing/ Data mart modeling and development.
  • • Data warehouse/BI Implementation Services.
  • • Data warehouse/BI Support and Maintenance Services.