Use volunteering as a tool to raise morale, create a stronger dynamic, and add a much-needed boost to your marketing without breaking the bank.

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About Our Guest:

Jill Kellermeyer Kegler

Jill Kellermeyer Kegler

Director of Business Development - Double A Solutions

Jill Kellermeyer-Kegler is the Director of Business Development for Double A Solutions. She joined the company early in 2019 and has become an important part of helping our company grow.

Jill is not only great at her job, but she’s ingrained herself in the Toledo-Area community and a familiar face. She’s done this by volunteering her time and energy outside of her professional career to help people and get involved locally. The effect is not just becoming more well-known but a boost to Jill’s mental health and readiness to work.

Podcast Transcription

The Benefit of a Give-Back Strategy

Volunteering is a great source of inspiration and motivation for many. It can be a very humbling experience but there is a certain joy that can come from helping others. It sometimes is just the mental break someone needs from hectic work life, full of reward.

Some people, like Jill, spend their weekends and free time giving back, but as a leader are you incorporating volunteering into your business? 

Having a great give-back strategy is more important than you realize and it has so many benefits. One benefit is the morale booster it can offer employees, as well as a great way to introduce team bonding into the schedule. 

Another benefit is the community engagement your company gains and the marketing potential that you gain as a business. 

Build a Better Team Dynamic

So, how can volunteering help your team dynamic? The biggest way is that you have the potential to allow your team members to work willingly together in a new and often more relaxed environment. This allows them to meet new sides of each other without the pressure of work.

There is also the unifying force create knowing that they are doing good together. People enjoy knowing that what they’re doing there leaves a positive impact. If they know they can leave that impact through their business, they will feel more connected to what they’re doing and the people they work with.

Add to Your Marketing

There is another perk to being engaged philanthropically with your community and that is the boost it could have to your marketing and brand affinity locally, sometimes even nationally.  

One of the hardest things to do as a business is building your brand affinity amongst all of the noise of other businesses and a growing social media network. 

Volunteering can open you up to free media coverage from channels that may be more difficult for your business to reach otherwise. It can also get good conversations going about your work without you having to be present.

Your target demographic is likely also at the volunteering events put on by your community as well or know people with who you may be frequently interacting with.

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