Do you want to stand out in your field and potentially lead a team that does? We found a woman who does just that in the realtor space to walk us through how she built a career to be envious of.

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About Our Guest:

Victoria Valle

Victoria Valle

Luxion Home Group & The Danberry Co.

Victoria Valle is part of Luxion Home Group and The Danberry Co. in the Toledo, Ohio Area. Luxion Home Group specializes in luxury homes, focusing on helping people build their desire lifestyle. Victoria is one of the top sales reps, having years of experience beneath her belt and a continuous drive to differentiate and better herself and her team.  

Their team realized early that by specializing they give themselves an advantage. Instead of trying to do everything, they picked one segment and became the local experts. Victoria herself is part of the top 3 percent of all realtors in the US and is a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS). Her team is part of the 1 percent of all agents in Northwest Ohio.

Podcast Transcription

Why Specialization Matters

As a sales rep, business leader, or any other kind of professional in your field, you are probably in search of the competitive advantage that will both make you good at your job and an undeniable asset to any business. 

That’s easier said than done but specialization gives you a stronger focus and the chance to actually develop more targeted expertise in your field. This is true whether you’re running a team or simply aiming to build a strong career. 

Continuous Learning and Experience Building

We love utilizing the surprising talent and excelling even in our early years, but not everyone can be an all-star right out of the gate. In fact, even the most experienced people have to remember to keep learning and building their experience up with the rate the world is continuously evolving

Start by humbling yourself, especially at the beginning of your career. As Victoria talked about, she had the opportunity to go out on her and take on everything herself way earlier than she was really ready for. Understand that there is a learning curve and nurturing your education throughout that period will only make you that much better. 

Victoria found a mentor and someone to work directly under. She started off by shadowing and doing more menial tasks before gradually working with her mentor until she could take over. Eventually, she outgrew the relationship, but it allowed her a strong foundation for her career that she still uses today.

Align Your Brand

Specializing, learning, and gaining experience aren’t always enough to gain new customers and truly take your career to the next level. Why? 

Because if no one knows who you are and what you can do, then you’re not enabled to do business. You don’t put in all the work you do just to hope someone’s chances upon you. 

This can mean establishing your place within the team or business you’re part of by taking on work that aligns with your skillset. Speak up about your talents and volunteer for projects that make sense to your specialization. If you’re still job searching, make sure your resume contains all of your experience and education that expresses credibility for that specialization.

If you’re leading a sales team or a business, make sure that content that you’re putting on socials or in the public is true to your specializations. People know when they visit Luxion Home Group exactly what they’re getting and that should be the same for your team.

Ensure your socials like LinkedIn and Facebook also display your skillset. Potential employers and customers alike will look you up there.

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