For our June podcast episode, we spoke to Judd Silverman, Director of the Marathon LPGA Classic, a non-profit women’s golf tournament that raises money for local children’s charities. One of the 29 recipients this year is Good Grief of Northwest Ohio.

What is Good Grief

Good Grief is a non-profit organization that supports youth grieving the loss of someone close to them through no-cost peer support and interactions. They’re made up of only two staff and the rest of the work is done by volunteers. 

The kids that receive them range in age from 4 to young adults (19-20-year-olds). Peer support sessions are held either in their office on Reynolds Rd. in Toledo or at one of the schools they work directly with. 

They were founded in 2012 and modeled after a few similar organizations that were already in existence at the time. They don’t provide counseling or therapy. What they do is called support as it gives the children a chance to speak with someone closer to their age who has experienced similar trauma in order to help them face and cope with their grief.

Young woman explaining about Good Grief of Northwest Ohio
Photo Credit: Good Grief of Northwest Ohio

How the Marathon LPGA Classic Donation Helps

Because Good Grief is a non-profit and does not charge for their services, they must raise all of their funds. Being a recipient of a donation from the Marathon Classic, a non-profit women’s golf tournament that raises money for children’s charities, helps them raise those much-needed funds. 

The Marathon LPGA Classic, of which they were also charity recipients back in 2017, gives them much-needed exposure and helps connect them to more individuals and businesses in the community in a way that would not otherwise be available to them. Such exposure helps them attract new volunteers, raise the funds they need, and reach more children. 

How to Get Involved

Donate – Since Good Grief is 100 percent privately funded, you could support them through either a one-time donation or a monthly donation. Their page breaks down the impact that your donation could have. 

Volunteer – If you can’t help with a monthly donation, seek a hands-on approach, or just want to find another way to provide, volunteering is a great option for you. There are multiple roles available for volunteers so there is almost always some way to help no matter your schedule or skill set. 

Contribute to the Wish List – Besides donating money or time, you can also help out Good Grief by donating supplies to their wishlist. In fact, they also have an Amazon Wish List, that includes books for the kids.

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