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About Payroll Select Services:

Payroll Select Services, a Toledo-based company, was founded in 2007 by Mark Miller. They specialize in human capital management (HCM). While they started solely in payroll and time and attendance, they have now added everything from recruitment to the entirety of the employee life cycle based services to their repertoire.  

Mark created Payroll Select to fill the gap in the market, where big, internationally-based corporations often failed to build sufficient relationships with their clientele to help with the small nuances of HR. Having come from the Toledo Area originally and from strong service type roles, he wanted to make sure to keep the customer at the forefront of their business strategy.

Their Tech Strategy:

Mark and the Payroll Select Services team has been focused on their customer’s needs. Their main customer base comes from the Toledo Metropolitan Area, which in turn has allowed them to follow the pace of their customers’ familiarity and demand for technological features within their services. 

Because Toledo is not Silicon Valley, the need and desire for leading HCM services haven’t been there. Efforts to include features like online portals and app functionality have not been especially fast-paced and ultra-competitive locally. Thus the need has remained focused around the service itself. 

Payroll Select Services has chosen to follow a step or two behind leading trends in this industry in order to adopt innovations after the software bugs have been worked out. This also gives their team time to determine what customers actually like and don’t like. The features and new technology that prove to be valuable or needed are implemented to better serve their customers.

Their Services:

Payroll Select Services offers:

  • Payroll
  • Tax Filing
  • Time and Attendance
  • Select Self Service:
    • Automate Vacation Requests
    • Grant Employees Access To Their Paystubs and W-2s Online
    • Post Company Documents for Employees and Managers
    • Allow Managers or Employees to Update Certain Information Including
    • Licenses and Certifications
    • Contacts
    • Education
    • Tests
    • Skills
    • Address and Contact Information
    • Provide Benefit Plan Information and Links
  • With Select HR you can easily track:
    • Employee Demographics
    • Compensation Detail and History
    • Employee Absences
    • Certification and Licensing Detail Including Renewal Dates
    • Emergency Contacts
    • I-9 Data
    • Performance Reviews
    • Discipline Events
    • Salary Reviews
    • Document Termination Details
    • Asset Detail – Know What Needs to Be Recovered at Termination
  • Managing Benefits Just Got Easier
    • Automate Your Benefit Accruals
    • Create Employee Census Data
    • Reconcile Benefit Invoices
    • Generate Your Census Data
  • Reporting

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