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The Solheim Cup is right around the corner and so is the Solheim After Sundown event sponsored by the Danberry Co. A little while ago we sat down with Dan McQuillen to get to know the Toledo Area company. Here’s what you should know:

A Brief History of The Danberry Co.

The Danberry Co. was founded in 1962 by Yale graduate, Richard Glowacki, and initially evolved from an insurance business. A year or two into the business, Glowacki and his colleagues saw the Sohio gas company’s signs and quickly adopted a similar style for their own sign, adapting the classic Danberry oval “For Sale” sign early on. 

Not even 20 years later, Danberry rose to become the number 1 market share company in its region, a title they have held ever since. They continue to be a top-ranked real estate business in the nation, as well. 

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In 1996, Lynn Fruth and Richard Baker purchased Danberry, until Richard Baker eventually sold his interest in the company to Lynn Fruth, who is still an owner today. In 2018, Fruth announced that Dan McQuillen, Kevin Warren, and Maggie Fawcett were new shareholders in the firm. 

“History.” Danberry Realtors, 22 July 2021, 

Danberry Treasure Chest

The Danberry Treasure Chest was established in 1994. It provides emergency funds to local families with chronic or debilitating diseases through ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital. Much of their funds go to support families in ways other than simply paying a medical can’t do. 

The Treasure Chest has helped a mother by purchasing a car so she can take her vulnerable newborn back and forth to the hospital for therapies and treatments. They’ve helped pay for gas and other necessities that help make it possible for a family to continue receiving aid from the hospital. 

The air of the Treasure Chest goes for enabling struggling families within the Toledo Area community, paving the way for decreased stress, and helping children and their families recover their lives.

Solheim After Sundown

Solheim After Sundown is an event being hosted in Toledo, Ohio the Tuesday of the Solheim Cup tournament week and the presenting sponsor will be The Danberry Co. 

We talk more about the Solheim Cup and how the tournament week will go down in our June Everyday Business Solutions podcast episode with Judd Silverman

The event will be hosted in Hensville to kick off the international woman’s golf tournament on Tuesday, August 31st from 6 pm to 9 pm. Tickets can be purchased for $75 a piece and will include admission, one drink ticket, and a practice round ticket for the following day. 

Proceeds from the event, which include food, live music, and a silent auction, will go to the Danberry Treasure Chest.

Solheim After Sundown Downtown presented by Danberry Co., Realtors

Photo Credit: Stay Happening

The Danberry Co. Moving Forward

With a crazy seller’s market and uncertainty with COVID, Danberry has a plan. Quick to adapt when lockdown fell on us and always making an effort for the community, Danberry has options in place for both buyers and sellers. We discuss these options in our interview with Dan. 

The Danberry Co. is excited to be back out in the community, volunteering and helping both buyers and sellers get the most out of their deals. They are also training their realtors continuously on how to make the most of the Danberry programs and looking for new insights that can help them continue to be leaders in their field.

About Our Guest:

Dan McQuillen

Dan McQuillen

Partner - The Danberry Co., Realtors

Dan McQuillen is one of the Co-owners of the Danberry Co., along with CEO Lynn Fruth, Kevin Warren, and Maggie Fawcett. Dan became part owner in 2018 and has been at the forefront of initiatives to help Danberry continue to grow organically and connect to the local communities.

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