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Watch or listen to this week’s Everyday Business Solutions audio feature of the Business Spotlight to hear our conversation with Jon Hawker from twineIT. Keep scrolling to read our synopsis of the conversation.

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Episode Transcript:

About TwineIT:

TwineIT is a Toledo-based aggregate multimedia company that has been in business since 2012. The idea started with a photo booth and then evolved to center around the idea of using multimedia within commercial spaces to collect information and create a more dynamic and interactive experience. They use their technology to aid businesses in their communication, engagement, and marketing. 

Jon Hawker is one of the founders, take the opportunity to analyze the situation back in 2012 and help his company grow over the years to fit market needs as it has shifted over the years. The center of their business though remains the aggregation of information and analytics. They’ve taken a step back during the hardships of this year, but are now working with other businesses so everyone can work steadily to getting back on their feet. 

Their Tech Strategy:  

In order to make TwineIT successful, just like any business, they utilize software and technology to keep their business competitive and on top of the workload. They use a lot of SaaS products to extend the efficiency and effectiveness of their process, thinks as Trello, Quickbooks Online, and Slack.

As far as the technology they use to do business, they use software integrated Apple and Android technology called TwineIT Studio and an LED ring light that catches people’s attention. They also use cloud-based printing to be able to print from an event to a designated printer anywhere in the world. 

All in all, TwineIT uses the forefront of consumer technology and software to remain relevant and deliver top-notch products and services to its customers.

​Visit their website to view all of twineIT’s offerings.

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