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The Everyday Business Solutions Podcast is revealing a new schedule and community-driven approach to their podcast.

May 4, 2021 (Toledo, Ohio) — Toledo-based Podcast, Everyday Business Solutions, is making its way back to its roots and will be focusing on building a stronger relationship locally.

Everyday Business Solutions is a collection of great professionals that you may not have had the privilege of listening to yet and a set of topics picked to help you build and excel in your career. Since there’s no right answer to success, we’re building a tool kit filled with knowledge and expertise.

Our podcast will be taking a different approach starting the month of May 2021. We will be adjusting the frequency of the releasing of episodes from once per week to once a month, in order to strengthen our relationship with both our guests and our listeners. Episodes will now go live early on the third Tuesday of every month. 

With this change comes the chance for you to ask questions of our guests and provide more input in the types of episodes we put out. We’ll also be releasing preview clips in advance and offering more resources around each month’s topic. Our episodes will go from being around 30 minutes to be around an hour long.

Are you looking forward to more in-depth episodes? So is the EBS podcast team! We’re especially excited to connect more to our Toledo roots and have more guests from our region. This summer we’ll be highlighting big events like the Marathon LPGA Classic and the Solheim Cup as well as what more locally-oriented businesses are doing to thrive in their own communities! 

About Us
Everyday Business Solutions was started in September of 2020 with the intention to bring together real-world business solutions and advice as it was discovered by people who’ve been in their field. We’ve evolved to be a tool for our community and evolving business professionals to amplify their voice and take their careers to the next level. 

We’re owned and operated by Toledo-based business, Double A Solutions. Double A Solutions is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that creates products that automate and eliminate the tedious and mental tasks that we complete every day. We pride ourselves on our evolving technology and top-notch sales and support teams that are easily available and eager to help.

Halie Morris, Podcast Coordinator and Host
Phone: (419) 469 – 6250   ext. 1313

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