As the world apparently becomes more and more accessible because of technology and more people are branching out and starting their own small businesses with the increased opportunity to, strategy matters now more than ever.

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About Our Guest:

Eric Kurjan

Eric Kurjan

President - Six Disciplines Consulting Services

Eric Kurjan is the president of Six Disciplines Consulting Services, based out of Toledo, Ohio. Six Disciplines is a consulting firm that specializes in the long-term development of their strategic vision.

In our conversation, we took a high-level look at what Eric does and how a business should approach its strategic vision and decision-making. This is especially important now, as businesses shift and change due to the impacts of the pandemic, and companies are facing new areas of growth and potential.

Podcast Transcription

Be Responsive, Not Reactive

A business without a strategic vision is just a group of people always working and reacting. What does that mean? 

When you’re unprepared for a situation and do not have enough knowledge or resources to think through an appropriate response, then you are only reacting. Reactions are instinctual and are not controlled. 

You do not want to be reactive to market shifts and other external influences. Instead, you want to be able to analyze the changes that affect your business, take a look at a strategy and your business, and react accordingly. 

The Purpose of a Strong Approach to Strategy 

The strategy is the rallying point behind all of your employees, operations, branding, and business. It is the manifestation of your vision and purpose for being in business in the first place.

Imagine having none of that. Your business may be fine for a while but cracks will start to appear and eventually the entity that you have carefully crafted will begin to fail.

A Strategy is an important unifying piece but also a necessity to maintaining and growing a business. 

What We Cover in This Week’s Episode 

With Eric, we broke down why strategy is vital, especially now to business. We explain its overall in business and how it affects the main aspects of operations and the dynamic of the team. 

Strategy, when approached correctly, gives business longevity, opens up the chance for better communication, lends confidence to the decisions made by leaders, and allows a business to properly focus on what actually matters.

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