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About Everyday Business Solutions

Everyday Business Solutions is a business-focused podcast that offers young business professionals and business leaders some insight and continued education into the business world. We have a collection of great professionals that you may not have had the privilege of listening to yet and a set of topics picked to help you build and excel in your career. Since there’s no right answer to success, we’re building a tool kit filled with knowledge and expertise.

Featured Guest(s)

Jeff Schaaf

Jeff Schaaf

Director of Talent Strategy - Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce

As Director of Talent Strategy at the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce, Jeff Schaaf’s primary responsibilities involve developing and managing programs and tools, such as Summer in the City and ToledoRegion.com, that can be leveraged by Chamber members to attract diverse, talented people to the Toledo Region.

The Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce, serving a membership of over 2,300 businesses, fosters economic growth and prosperity in the Toledo Region by advocating for a thriving business environment, leading the charge to attract and retain talent in the region, and connecting business with resources and opportunities for growth. Our member businesses range in size from small, one-person, operations to large corporations employing thousands.

Latest Episode

Talent Strategy in Toledo, Ohio with Jeff Schaaf

Finding good applicants is hard and there is no easy answer, but we sat down and talked to Jeff Schaaf from the Toledo Chamber of Commerce about how our area is working hard to bring talented individuals into the area. 

Episode 43  |  58 min

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Meet The Hosts

Halie Morris

Halie Morris

Podcast Coordinator

Sam Riegsecker

Sam Riegsecker

Marketing Manager

Everyday Business Solutions is hosted by Halie Morris and will be accompanied by Sam Riegsecker for some recordings. Halie has worked in Talent Acquisition until moving to the Marketing department to take on the Podcast Coordinator and Host role for the team. Sam started at Double A Solutions as a college intern before taking on more responsibilities including managing the marketing team for Double A Solutions. He comes from an entrepreneur background and has experience in branding and using social media to drive awareness and sales.

The Business Spotlight:

Season 1: Change Management

Episode 3: Changing Your Work Life Balance

Tina Hicks – CEO of Jolt of Energy

Episode 4: How Did the Service and Creative Industry Pivot During a Pandemic?

Bobbi Brinkman – CEO & Creative Director at Bobbi Brinkman Photography

Episode 5: How is B2B Marketing Changing To Be More Agile?

Janet Mesh – CEO and Co-Founder of Aimtal

Episode 6: How To Optimize Internal Processes To Prepare For Change

Rebekah Saltzman – CEO and Co-Founder of Balagan Be Gone

Episode 11: How To Utilize Software To Increase Your Productivity

Gavin Koontz – Senior Account Executive at Smart Financial

Erika Navarette – Account Executive Team Lead at Smart Financial

Episode 12: Why Implementing Account-Based Marketing Drives Growth

George Mergen – Senior Account Executive at Concentrek

Allyson Jansen – Director of Content Marketing at Concentrek

Season 2: Continuous Connections 

Episode 8: How to Develop Better Interpersonal Skills

Marlon Lyons – Owner of I.C.Y. Legacy Insurance Agency


The Everyday Business Solutions Podcast

Episode 39: The Everyday Business Solutions Podcast Takes a New Approach

Toledo-based Podcast, Everyday Business Solutions, is making its way back to its roots and will be focusing on building a stronger relationship locally.

Episode 40: A Return To In-Person Work

Humberto Buniotto – CEO of LabDX, a technology-driven laboratory currently specializing in SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) testing. 

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