About Us

Mission Statement

“Double A Solutions, LLC is a holding company that invests in and operates software and software-as-a-service companies that generate¬†enough profits to enable investments to occur without the need for lines of credit and/or other equity partners.”

Company History

Double A Solutions was founded in 2003 as a custom software development company.

  • From 2003-2008 Double A worked countless custom software projects in the insurance, trucking, online banking, and construction industries.
  • In 2009, Double A launched its first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, Blitz Sales Software.
  • In 2010, Double A entered into its first Software-as-a-software joint venture with Reach Evaluation Software and in 2011 with Visible Trends Software.
  • In 2012, Double A entered into a joint venture with Patient Tracking software.
  • In 2014, Double A launched Janitorial Manager, an ERP Middle office work management software for independent and franchise commercial cleaning companies.
  • In 2016, Double A made its first acquisition, Call Logic, a phone auto-dialer.

Our Values

  1. Bring a Positive Attitude
  2. Be Reliable
  3. Act Professional
  4. Seize The Initiative To Add Value
  5. Be Respectful, Act With Integrity
  6. Gratefully Serve Others
  7. Collaborate With Others
  8. Communicate Effectively
  9. Solve Problems
  10. Learn Continuously
Archie Heinl