Double A Solutions is thrilled to announce the winner of this year’s 2023 $1,000 annual scholarship essay: Steesha Dsa. After receiving many submissions from students across the globe, Steesha’s essay was the clear winner. Students were allowed to choose their essay prompt from a list of seven topics, and Steesha’s choice was “Tell Us Your Biggest Professional Role Model and How They Impacted Your Life?”

In her essay, Steesha describes how Avni Barman, the founder of GenShe, has become an inspiration to Gen Z women for professional development and empowerment. Through her online presence on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Barman shares insights and guidance, empowering countless women to pursue their dreams and unlock their full potential.

For Steesha, Avni Barman’s South Asian Heritage and experiences as a student resonated deeply, as she sought out mentors to guide her through her own journey.

“Being a South Asian immigrant with parents in different fields than mine, I am constantly on a hunt for mentors; especially someone whose experiences I can relate to,” says Steesha.

Steesha Dsa currently studies computer engineering at the University of Florida. As she pursues her degree in a mainly male-dominated field, Barman’s knowledge and wisdom continue to be valuable.  Steesha is dreaming big.

On behalf of the entire staff at Double A Solutions, congratulations, Steesha!

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