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  • Janitorial Manager launches custodial QR Code – Scan2Clean™.
  • Employees and building patrons will see real-time data on when a room was cleaned, cleaning activities performed, and send notifications on services required.
  • QR codes will make shared spaces safer as facilities adapt to the new normal.


Toledo, Ohio – Janitorial Manager, a product of Double A Solutions, has launched custodial QR Code – Scan2Clean™ that enables employees and building patrons to see real-time data on when a room was cleaned, the cleaning activities performed, and notifications on room status. The QR codes provide a much-needed solution for businesses to help keep their employees and building patrons safe as they return to shared spaces and workstations as part of the “new normal”.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the janitorial landscape. The need has increased for cleaning operations to document everything from the time a room was cleaned, the quality of the cleaning, and the individual who performed cleaning. All of this information can be held in a room’s QR code, making it an extremely valuable resource for janitors in affirming their value and providing peace of mind to their clients.” – Jill Kellermeyer Kegler, Director of Business Development

Beyond the pandemic, the adoption of QR codes will improve the overall health of facilities by assuring consistent cleaning and disinfecting activities are communicated to the custodial staff to reduce the spread of seasonal viruses and increase the communication of cleanliness. Additionally, custodial supervisors will be able to gauge the time it takes for their staff to clean a room and the number of times a day porters are called into service. The QR codes will also provide increased respect of the custodial staff and visibility of the essential services they provide to keep a building clean, safe, and healthy.

Janitorial Manager, a product of Double A Solutions, is a comprehensive custodial maintenance and management software solution that helps Building Service Contractors and In-House Providers achieve operational, managerial, and service results. Focused on increasing efficiency, reducing cost, and improving performance, JM aids users in managing employees, inventory, inspections, work orders, communications, budgeting, and more in one easy to use program that is accessible via their desktop and all smart devices.